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Note. This tutorial is a work in progress: Last updated on 2017/08/15


This tutorial will show you the basics for putting together your first robot using the Bennybot Controller.

Parts List

  • 1x BennyBot Board
  • 2x Motors + Wheels
  • 1x Battery Pack
  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x Switch or Jumper

There are lots of different components available that you can use and will mostly depend on what you have available. There are also 3d printing and laser cutting options.

Building the Chassis

Connecting the Motors


Your bennyboard has a motor driver onboard (marked as MTRDRV). You can connect two motors directly to your bennyboard at the MTR1 and MTR2 connections.

Connecting Batteries/Power


Your bennyboard can be powered in 2 ways, either via usb or direct battery/power supply connection. The PWRSEL header can be used to switch between the two. To select usb power place a jumper closest to the 1 designation, or to power from batteries/power supply place the jumper the furthest away from the 1 designation on the PWRSEL header.

For powering the board via usb, connect a usb cable between your computer and your bennyboard using the usb connector. Place your PWRSEL jumper closes to the 1 designation. The PWR led will light up when it is powered.

Note: USB power does not provide enough current for powering the motors so it doesn’t provide any power to the motors when you are powering the board from usb.

For powering from a power supply or a battery pack, connect your power to the VIN and GND connection. Make sure you that you connect the positive (+) lead of your power supply/battery to VIN and the negative (-) lead of your power supply/battery to GND.

Note: The voltage you apply need to be within 3.5v and 9v. Anything more than that and you will damage the board.

Instead of using a jumper you can also connect a switch to the PWRSEL header for easy switching of your power supply.

Connecting a Switch

Load your first Program