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What is BennyBot?

BennyBot is an inexpensive robotics development kit for use in the classroom and at home. The development board has everything you need to assemble a robot in minutes and start programming it. It's a fun and easy way to get into robotics and programming logic.

BennyBot Board + Motors + Chassis + Batteries = Working Robot that can be programmed and even controlled via bluetooth.

Why ?

  • According to WEF Report (2014-1025), South Africa ranks last out of 144 countries for the quality of Science and Mathematics Education.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa needs 2.5 million more engineers to “address the continent’s gravest development problems”

Existing electronic/robotics options are

  • Expensive (mostly because they need to be imported). This means that most schools can only afford one or two kits (if they can afford it all). This means less hands-on experience for students to experiment and learn.
  • Don't have local support or aren't catered for local curriculum
  • Requires various shields just to build a basic robot that can be programmed

Current Project Status

  • Hardware is designed, built and tested
  • Software is in testing phase, but also working
  • We are currently working on the documentation side especially tutorials for learners and parents and Course Information (For Teachers)



  • 32 Bit Controller - STM32F042
  • Motor Driver - LB1838M-D
  • Hardware USB DFU Bootloader
  • 8 General Purpose IO (Digital,Analog, PWM, SPI, I2C)
  • 6 Additional IO connected to onboard LED, Button and Motor Driver
  • Header for Connections and Addon-Shields
  • Arduino (tm) IDE Compatible
  • Optional Bluetooth Module

Welcome to the BennyBot wiki. Here you will find all relevant information to get started with your own DIY robot using the BennyBot Controller :)

Getting Started Tutorials Releases